Who We Are

Our Story

I am a mummy of two gorgeous girls, a wife to an all knowing husband (or so he likes to think) and owner of our little business; Mint & Pink Events. 

Our event planning and decor journey started back in 2017 with our own wedding which was deliriously satisfying, although I could probably have done with a little more be honest I could still do with a little more sleep!

I love all things creative and decor; I'm the person that saves wrapping paper to make bows for next year, the person who decorates all events for our nearest and dearest and I decided to make a profession out of it! 

I believe everyone has a creative bone within - they may just need a little help accessing it!

This is where I can help; either by taking the entire burden off your shoulders and styling your event from start to finish or by sending you some materials with a little help and fairy dust for you to be able to do it yourself! 

Just give me a shout, I'd love to help!